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    Our Story

    About Flower & Flame

    A new brand that believes in making things last (because all the best things do) friendships… marriages… wine! That’s why when founder Keri Ann bought her (what seemed like) 100th bunch of flowers and threw them out the very next week she thought… ‘surely in 2018 there’s a way to make these last longer’! Being a true hustler – she found a way. Combining nature’s magic with a bit of science she can make the worlds best loved blooms last an entire year – and even better – she does it without a harmful chemical in sight.

    Keri Ann didn’t stop at flowers though… knowing her long lasting flowers needed a long lasting scent she researched ways to bring the fragrance back to life so she created her slow-burn candles and crammed them with the very best essential oils to put the heeeey in your feng shui.

    Flower and Flame’s mission is to decorate the homes of the world with beautiful yet sustainable products that bring a little more ‘yaaaasss’ to your side table. Perfect for gifts (or a little self gifting) they celebrate longevity and sustainability – something we all need a bit more of.

    About The Founder


    Keri Ann is a proud Welsh-Grenadian hybrid that has spent the past decade working with some of the biggest brands around (Universal Pictures, Warner Bros, Ferrero, to name but a few), but long before that she was a self gifting addict who was constantly throwing out her bouquets and candles wondering why in 2018, they couldn’t last that little bit longer. That’s when the idea for Flower & Flame was first born!

    The vibrant beauty and fragrant aromas of Keri Ann’s homeland were a major inspiration behind the business, that’s why she developed products that utilised the finest ingredients, and ensured they were locally sourced. In fact, the essential oils within her slow-burn candles are so high in quality that post burn, they can be rubbed directly into skin as part of a cheeky massage or to aid sleep!

    Keri Ann launched Flower & Flame in March 2018, and the thrill of bringing everlasting blooms and slow burning candles to more and more thankful customers burns as brightly as ever! Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for your bestie or something that shows your mum just how much she means to you:, Flower & Flame brings long-lasting joy to your gifting experience…

    Features To Date

    Essex TV

    “An Essex entrepreneur will see her dream become a reality thanks to a grant awarded by the Essex Young Entrepreneurs Network (EYEN).

    The Essex Young Entrepreneurs Network awarded its first grant of £3,000 to Keri-Ann Stroud to set up her online gift store, Flower and Flame, which will go live early 2018. The store will specialise in long lasting flowers and candles.

    Keri-Ann, from Colchester, left her job to set up her business and EYEN, which launched in the summer, recognised Keri-Ann’s passion to start her own business. She sourced Essex based suppliers and artisans to help her create her products and aims to grow her company and employ more staff when the time is right.

    Keri-Ann said, “I am absolutely delighted to be awarded the EYEN grant. Without this funding, I would be a million miles away from bringing my business idea to market. This grant has genuinely given me the opportunity to change my life for the better.”

    Customer delight

    Flower and flame customer reviews

    “I knew it was amazing bedore I even opened the box, the beautiful scent was pouring out of the packaging. I find the scent so luxurious, calming and uplifting. This candle is definitely going to be following me around the house” – Kirsten from Kent

    “I’m literally feeling like i’m at the spa as the smell from this Flower & Flame candle is filling every room of the house. 85 hours of bliss” – Mariela from Bath 

    “My beautiful flower & flame candle arrived today, it smells absolutely divine and is HUGE. Delighted with my purchase” Melanie from London